iHawk Network

Secure Network solutions for all major Australian airports. Making communication clear, crisp, and continuous.



We make safe and reliable communications a priority and use innovative new technologies to help you stay connected.

When it comes to aviation communication, there’s no room for errors, signal breakups, interference, or loss of coverage. From security to maintenance, baggage handling to check-in, engineering to catering, refueling, emergency communications, traffic control, and beyond, the iHawk Network is designed to make air communications run smoothly.

Powered by the latest Motorola technologies, our virtual Network offers stable connection for mobile two-way radio communications. We service airports in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane, where our repeater base stations are strategically positioned to provide clear and effective Network coverage. Our business is expanding rapidly, and we look forward to bringing the effectiveness of our communications Network to more airports nationwide.

The iHawk Network is joined by our founding partner and leader in communication solutions, Aerotalk. Together, we are committed to investing in high-quality virtual Network technologies and responding to consumer needs.

Why Choose The
iHawk Network?


Our Network uses Motorola’s latest technologies to provide excellent communication quality to airport teams around the country—more information on the airports we service can be found on the coverage map. We know that our virtual communications Network is top of the range. In fact, we’re so confident in our coverage solutions, we guarantee customer satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied within our network coverage within the first 30 days of usage, we’ll offer a full refund of all monthly access fees.

One-On-One Attention

Businesses perform best when their network providers respect their individuality. We believe in the power of personalised service. We’ll work with you to identify and support the unique and specific needs of your business.


Budget matters, and we know it. We’re committed to providing excellent service for excellent value. No matter the size of your fleet, we offer lease agreements to suit your financial needs. We’re confident in our ability to provide great value for money, and we know that our cost-effective prices will save you much-needed cash.

Expert Support

Our support team is dedicated and available. We have fantastic support staff working 24/7 to answer questions, resolve problems, and offer expert advice. We know how important it is to stay connected. Our team members deal with issues quickly and efficiently, and they can also offer information on new features, functions, and mobile product solutions that could benefit your business.


Our founding partner, Aerotalk, is the best in the business. We take great pride in being supported by a communications industry leader. Our technologies are respected, effective, and expert-supported.

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